2017.11.08.Food Safe Stainless Steel Motors | Designing for Food Safety

Thursday, September 14, 2017 3:44 PM New Products We are proud to announce the next generation food safe, stainless steel motor platform for extreme environments within the food and beverage industry. Baldor-Reliance Food Safe motors, designed with smooth contours and advanced sealing, exceed IP69K for water, to maximize motor life in high pressure, sanitary cleaning environments. The high ingress protection rated enclosures, offer fully encapsulated windings, effectively sealing the motor inside and out. Combined with a laser marked nameplate and a footless mounting design, crevices are kept to a minimum and allow the motor to withstand clean-in-place procedures. Worker safety is another important component of our food safe stainless steel motor design. A 3 piece-rotatable conduit box allows workers easier access to route incoming power supplies. Color-coded leads also help to quickly and correctly tie the motor into the electrical system using the waterproof heat shrink connectors. On larger frame sizes, lift lugs are fully welded to the frame for easy motor placement before attaching to the driven equipment. The platform spans single and three phase ratings, making us the first motor manufacturer to produce and sell a stainless steel, IP69K rated single phase motor. Three phase ratings meet NEMA Premium® efficiency levels and are available in totally enclosed, non-vented enclosures in the power range of 1/2 - 3 HP. Totally enclosed, fan cooled designs are available within the power range of 1/2 - 15 HP. They are available in 2, 4, and 6 pole versions for 230/460V, at 60 Hz. David Steen, Product Manager for Washdown Motors noted, “After working closely with customers to develop this product line, we are excited to get our new food safe stainless steel motors into the marketplace, providing the best motors available in the food & beverage industry.” http://www.baldor.com/our-profile/news/company-news/detail?id={390FE5C0-2EA5-48DC-A7DD-726383C8A995}


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